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· Students of XPU Won the Prize of Young Photographers in the 2016 Ping Yao International Photograp... 2016/09/29 

· The Principle of MSKPU-International School of Costume and Fashion Design Magdalena Plonka visit ... 2016/09/27 

· XPU Joined the MBA Education Alliance of Northwest China 2016/09/23 

· Students of XPU Achieved Great Success in the 4th National Creativity Contest 2016/09/22 

· XPU Signed the Cooperation Agreement with Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd. 2016/09/16 

· Minority students of XPU Celebrated Corban Festival 2016/09/14 

· Six Experts of XPU Newly Enrolled in the “100 Talents Program” of Shaanxi Province 2016/09/01 

· Two Students of XPU were Selected in the Government Funded Overseas Study Program of CSC 2016/08/31 

· Friendly Foreign Universities invited by XPU attended “Apparel and Culture Week” 2016/06/13 

· Professor, William Campbell in Birmingham City University, Visited to XPU 2016/06/06 
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