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Prof. Yang Yixin, Assistant Academic Vice President at the Kean University and Dean of the Graduate School Visited XPU
2018-06-15 17:21   审核人:

On June 12, Prof. Yang Yixin, assistant academic vice president at the University of Keanand Dean of the Graduate School,visited XPU.  Fan Zhenglu, vice president of XPU held talks with the guests in the conference room at Lintong Campus. Heads of International Office and the School of Environmental Chemical Engineering participated in the talks.

Fan Zenglu first expressed welcome to the guests and briefly introduced the development of XPU. He mentioned that XPU adheres to the concept of open education and attaches importance to international exchanges and cooperation. XPU encourages teachers to go abroad to pursue further studies and study for a degree, and sponsors students to visit high-level universities abroad. At the same time, XPU has introduced relevant supporting policies to attract outstanding foreign teachers and scholars to engage in professional curriculum teaching. It is hoped that the substantive cooperation with Kean University will be carried out in the fields of talent introduction, teacher training and student exchangein the future.

Yang Yixin briefly introduced the history of running school and the characteristics of disciplines of Kean University in the United States. He believed that the two universities had bright characteristics and broad space for cooperation. He looked forward to the cooperation in the aspects of visits by teachers and joint training of students.

Subsequently, the heads discussed with the guests about the details of the visits and the course matching of students’dualdegree joint training.



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