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Rod McKelly,Associate Provost of the New Mexico State University Visited XPU
2018-07-06 17:36   审核人:

On July 3rd, Rod McSheey, the associate provost of the New Mexico State University, Tian Jianjun, the professor of Mathematics and Liu Jiefei, the chairman of Chinese Student Union of the University visited XPU. Fan Zenglu, the vice president held a talk with foreign guests in the first floor conference room of the Library at Lintong Campus, and the heads of InternationalOffice and School of Science also attended the meeting.

At the meeting,Fan warmly welcomed the guests and briefly introduced the concept about the school history and international education. He said that XPU adheres to open education, and has a cooperative relation with more than 50 universities. And XPU has wide cooperation in the fields of students training, teacher exchanges and scientific research cooperation. In recent years, the school has supported teachers to study abroad for degrees in terms of policy formulation and funding support, and also improve the level of the teachers and talented training. At the same time, in order to improve the communication ability between teachers and students and school’s academic atmosphere, the school has introduced foreign high-quality teachers to carry on the specialized course teaching.He hoped that both universities could have a deep cooperation in teachers’exchange,scientific research cooperation and student exchange projects. 

Luo also had a brief introduction about the school history and professional characteristics, and he expressed the willingness to work together to build a bridge for exchanges.


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