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Student Organizations
Students Organization

Categories of Association

Names of Association

Practical Category

“Mars” Inspirational Association

KAB Business Start-up Club

“Career Go” Association

“Green Wind” Environmental Association

Efforts and Love Association

Work-Study Association of College Students

“JSW” Love Association

“Long Teng” Fund Association

“Hong Feng” Association

Red Cross

Employment Federation of College Students

New Girls’ Association

Part-time Association

“Wings of Love” Association

“Hong Yi” Inspirational Association

Cultural Category

Culture of Han Dynasty Association

CX Hip-hop Association

Film Association

“Zi jun” Musical Association

“Rhythm and Soul” Rock Musical Association

Magic Cube Association

Waist Drum Association

“Ai Le” Guitar Association

Manvil Dancing Association

Chess Playing Association

Talents of Tencent TG Association

Blog Association

Electronic Sports Association

Study Federation of College Students

“Qing He” Tea Association

“Sakura Language” Association

Creative DIY

Military fans Association

Charming Eloquence Association

UD Creative Association

Cate Research Association

Light Dram Association

“Li Ink” Painting and Calligraphy

“Han Yi” Painting and Calligraphy

“Ming De” Reading Association

Memory Association

Academic Categories

“Zi Qin” Literature Association

Etiquette Association

“Building Dream and Environment” Association

Model UN Association

Lenovo Idea Talents

Math Mldels Association

Computer Associaton

Law Association

Foreign Language Federation

English Club

Psychology Association

Psychology Research Association

Embroidery Association

Roberts’ Fans Association

Mechanical Design Creative Association

Industrial Engineering Developmental and Creative Association

Aviation Models Association

Tree of Life Association

School Look Association

Law Research Association

Oracle DBA Club

Chemical Interest Association

Sports Categories

Taekwondo Association

“De Wu” Association

Riding Bikes Association

Ping-pang Association

Billiards Association

“Fly Wings” Roller Skating Association

Football Association

Basketball Association

S Yoga Association

Badminton Association

Categories of Association

Names of Association

Practical Categories

Newspapers of Chinese Businessman  Journalists Station

“Chun Hui” Love Association

“Dream Chaser ” Image Design Association

“Green Ark” Environmental Protection Association

Cultural Categories

Sound Guitar Association

“Jia Xin” Dram Association

Dancing Association

No.2 Mansion Cartoon Association

Clothing in Han Dynasty Association

“Starts Sky” Calligraphy

Ceramics Association

Academic Categories

Psychology Research Association

Sports Categories

“De Wu” Association

“Fly Wings” Roller Skating Association

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