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Culture Week
Culture Week

To enhance teaching in classroom, the school also actively organized the second classroom activities to enrich the cultural life on campus. To behave in a becoming manner is the tradition in both ancient and modern China, you can learn the etiquette from the etiquette contest just finished few days ago. And if you missed the event, don’t worry as it will be held next year. Reading makes you better and enrich us, therefore, in order to make our university a scholarly school, we will invite some famous writers to give lectures periodically. Apart from knowing more about the books, you can also know the authors’ thought of some best-sellers. This would help you understand the books better as you have a comprehensive and deep knowledge of the background of those books. From this token, you may find reading becomes increasingly attractive to you.

What you have learned is not important but what you can apply. One of the applications is debate. You can spell out what you know and what are your thoughts freely during a debate, the logicality of your thread of thought have been matured gradually and you realize that you are more eloquent than what you thought before. Colorful campus life needs colors, the colorful run is one of the most enjoyable activities in Lintong campus, hundreds of students run along the ring road inside the campus, this can improve your physical fitness and makes you happy. The rich cultural life is the supplement of the academic life, you should keep a balance between your study and personal life. There is a saying in China goes like: “alternate work with rest,” which means do not always keep working for constant work may lower your efficiency. What’s more, some extracurricular activities may enlighten you in a different way, and you will get a deep insight in your academy. Costume performance and clothing design are two of the major characters of our university. Attending some fashion shows may give you inspirations in your own design.


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