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Short term Program
Short term Program
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1. Short-Term and long-Term Chinese Language Program

The Chinese Language Program serves to promote the Chinese language learning throughout the world and to help people in other countries acquire a better understanding of China. In order to accurately assess the Chinese proficiency of students, Xi’an Polytechnic University arranges a placement test at the beginning of each semester. Students will then be assigned to appropriate class levels (8 levels from elementary to high) in accordance with their Chinese proficiencies. The curriculum of the program includes the following courses: Speaking, Listening, Comprehensive Chinese, Extensive Reading, Writing, Comprehensive Chinese & Discussion.


2. Visiting and Exchange Students Program

Xi’an Polytechnic University possesses advanced research facilities and excellent teaching resources, including more than 50 undergraduate and graduate courses offered in English. Foreign students who are willing to take courses or undertake research at Xi’an Polytechnic University as a visiting student may apply at the International Office. It is suggested that before submitting applications, the applicants ask for advice from their supervisor/tutor at their home institution and discuss with the relevant department/school of Xi’an Polytechnic University. The schooling system for visiting students ranges from 1 semester to 2 years. A non-degree certificate of advanced study will be awarded if the visiting student successfully finishes his/her study at Xi’an Polytechnic University. Official transcripts are also available upon request.

In order to facilitate the study of exchanged foreign students from our partner universities, more than 50 courses are offered in English at Xi’an Polytechnic University on both undergraduate and graduate levels. Foreign students who are willing to participate in the exchange program and study at Xi’an Polytechnic University may inquire at the International Offices of their home universities for more information about the program.


3.Summer Courses

In order to offer opportunities for international students to understand Chinese culture and history, Xi’an Polytechnic University opens a very friendly door for students interested in China. Very meaningful courses and experiences, including Chinese history, Basic Chinese, Chinese Culture and Chinese Kung fu will be arranged in the summer vacation. Through visiting the most distinctive  cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, this program will present a comprehensive overview of the country for students. Gaining experience whilst learning will enable students to live a fulfilling and educational summertime.

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